Client's Comments

Chilliwack 2019


Our home inspection was thorough and professional. The walk through afterwards and explanations were appreciated. It gave us the confidence for the purchase.


Ken B

Abbotsford 2019


I  was very satisfied with Troy's inspection of the condo I purchased. He answered my questions honestly and explained what he was doing with anything I wanted to know. I would recommend him to anyone!  Thanks!

Dagmar Z.

Chilliwack 2019


My husband and I thought the inspection went really well. Especially compared to one we had a few years ago.  Troy is very professional and  personable. We would definitely recommend him to our friends and as I work at the Re/Max office I will be happy to recommend you to others.

Kim & Gerard C.

Chilliwack 2018


"Google Review - 2018"

Troy helped us with the pre-purchase inspection of our new home.  Although the house itself is pretty new and was in good condition, he was very thorough and gave us a detailed and useful report. That helped us negotiate a healthy rebate on the selling price to correct a number of items that would need to be fixed after the sale (so the inspection easily paid itself just in the savings on future repairs). Plus getting a recall check on all the appliances was very helpful too; it turned out there were several manufacturer recalls that needed attention. Thanks for your excellent work, Elite Inspections!

Sam R.

Yale 2018



I have nothing but praise for Troy Kelsey. He did the inspection on very short notice, he was very kind and patient explaining  all kinds of situations to me and he was quite pleasant to hang out with for 3 hours. I feel very confidant with his opinion and expertise. 

Thanks so much Troy :) 

Kind regards,

Melanie C.

Abbotsford 2018


We  would like to thank you for the great job you did and for taking the  time to go over it with us. We will for sure let any one we know who is  looking for a home inspector give your contact info. We couldnt be  happier. Thank you Jesse and Diann.

Chilliwack 2018


Hello Troy,     

I wanted to again thank you for the inspection you performed for us on Bell Rd. Chilliwack.  Having been involved in this industry from the early years, 1980’s, in the Toronto area I know the time effort it takes to do a proper inspection. Coming from a different province there are a number of differences both in construction techniques and factors that influence were and how to build and materials used so a thorough and detailed inspection was important to us. The methodical approach and technical assessment of the various components of the home has allowed us to make an informed decision on the purchase of this home. We also appreciated your input on the questions we had not only on the home but also the area. In a follow up to the flickering of the electrical in the house an electrician was called in and he replaced several light dimmers and CFL lamps and noted a sizzling coming from the main breaker which he was to replace this week, we have not heard back on this matter as of today. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear looking for an inspection.  Again thank-you Troy     John B.

Aldergrove 2018


Thank you Troy,

 for doing our inspection . We really appreciated and and enjoyed meeting you. We will definitely recommend you to anyone needing an inspection. Have a great day!   

Sincerely,   Marla S.

Chilliwack 2018


Hi Troy,

Thank you again for  taking great time and doing a detailed work on inspection on our new  property.  It is great deal to us with two little ones to make sure the  house we move in is safe and sound. 

I am very happy and thankful you did the inspection with such short notice. 

Look forward to working with you in the future by referring to my clients.

Best regards,


New Westminster - 2017


Hey Troy, 

Thanks for your help. Very appreciated! I am planning to buy another place to rent out... so... until next time! 

Owen E.

Agassiz - 2017


Hi Troy, I am amazed at the detail your report was. We need more businesses like you instead of the "others". I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.  

Chris R.

Chilliwack - 2017


"Google Review - 2017" 

I received excellent service from Troy and Connie.  My inspection was throughout and clear.  I would recommend Elite Home and Commercial Inspections to anyone looking to get an inspection done in a timely manner. Worth every penny!   Thank you so much. 

Sandy J.

Abbotsford - 2017


Hi Troy, Thank you very much for the excellent service. We will refer you to anyone we know that needs a building inspection. 

Sincerely, Frederick & Elizabeth W.

Chilliwack - 2017


Troy, I appreciated the thorough inspection you did at the home I am purchasing. Also I would like to thank you for taking the time to go over your findings and to give information on how to correct problems and suggestions on how or who to contact to remedy them. If I have the opportunity to suggest a home inspector in the future I will definitely give them your name. Thanks again, Kathie

Langley - 2017


Hi Troy.....Just reviewed your inspection report. You have done a superior job! I feel like I have a total and complete overview document that I can use regularly to guide my maintenance and repair planning. I really need that as a new home owner! In addition.....I am sooooo pleased that the home is in such good shape overall. The times I have visited and toured the house I have felt like it is clean, solid and well looked after. Your report confirms this.     Thanks for all you've done Troy.....appreciate it a great deal!     Ardelle

Chilliwack - 2017


Good Evening Troy, I would like to thank you very much for the report and for your hard work inspecting our new home. I am impressed with the report and all the pictures to show exactly what you were talking about. We didn't have this special report when we bought our Alberta home eleven years ago. It was nice to see what you had checked and what you were talking about, as well as the format was fantastic. Thanks again Troy so much for the brilliant inspection you had performed! You have a great weekend as well. Take care Charmaine L.

Abbotsford - 2017


Troy,   Thanks very much for the prompt, efficient and thorough inspection of our new property. The process was easy, and the report allayed any fears we might have had about making such a big investment.   Kevin S.

Hope - 2017


Troy,  Thank you for everything. Your inspection was very thorough, and we were quite impressed! You certainly were the right choice, and I have already passed that opinion on to Rob. I am also going to keep your contact information on file, and you may be well be hearing from us again.  Best regards,  Cam

Abbotsford - 2016


Hi Troy,   Received our recall notice back and all the appliances are great! thanks so much for the inspection. Rob and I thought you were very thorough and answered every question knowledgably, and that was great!! Love the appliance recall you offer for free that was cool to get that report back to me today!! cool makes me feel confident in our purchase!!     Rob and Highly recommend you and your company!!  All the best to you Troy, oh I love the scratch card......the anticipation of a free inspection is always a bonus on such a big commitment!!     Tracy & Rob

Chilliwack - 2016


Troy,  We were very impressed with you and will for sure tell everyone to use you! Thank you for letting us be a part of it as well. This helps us understand the home were buying better. Makes us feel included and knowledge is power. I know some people don't like being interrupted when working so we appreciate you answering all our questions and taking your time with us.  Have a wonderful time in Disney with your family!  Erin & Brad

Abbotsford - 2016


Thanks for your inspection today very detailed. That's what I want when I get an inspection, the whole picture. Thanks, have a great night. C. D.